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Keyword Research Services | 3 Ways we can boost your SEO

SEO Keyword research services are a core part of what it is we do at Deathground. In our role as marketers, it’s not just SEO that benefits from our keyword research services, but it’s also beneficial when producing all forms of marketing messages.

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How SEO keyword research services benefit you

NEWSFLASH: Customers aren’t always searching for the words we call our products or services.

This means keyword research is critical for two reasons.

  1. SEO Keyword Research Services identify what your target customer is actually typing. If they don’t associate your product name with what they need, then you may lose them there and then.
  2. If you run a new website, the chances are you are not going to rank for the words you want to. But you bimble along anyway. Our SEO keyword research services find the low hanging fruit. The key phrases you can rank for.

How do I know if my keywords are wrong?

Simple really, web traffic and conversions of sales or leads, rarely lie.

Our SEO keyword research services include an initial key topic report. This identifies what you’re currently doing, how it’s working for you and why we think it is or isn’t doing well.

Hell, if it’s doing well, you probably aren’t reading this.

We are a firm believe of teach as we go. You may think that is counter-productive, but if you understand why we do what we do, then you will likely see the value in keeping us around.

That report will list 2-5 alternatives for each of your key topics, and then suggested content topics and longer easier to rank for versions in addition.

The key with an effective SEO keyword research services audit is to show you how changes can help and how we and you can work to make that happen.

What’s the end goal of Keyword Research?

Easy really, the end goal is to make your site more, visible more often. As well as being easier to understand for Google and also for your customers.

This means more appearances in people’s top 10-20 Google results, more clicks and hopefully more sales. Check out this SEO ROI Calculator to see the impact of organic over paid ads.

How does Keyword Planning work?

Keyword planning or research as it is more commonly known starts with time spent getting to know your business as an overview, the products or services you offer and then comparing this against competitor’s sites and analysing search traffic data.

Google is great, much of it’s search result analytics is available with the right tools, this means search engine optimisation agencies can use this info to improve your site.

To do this, we use tools such as Ahrefs and Semrush, as well as monitoring your Google and Bing rankings with RankTrackr. The latter is actually a really affordable piece of online software and well worth investing in for any company.

Once we have begun to find out the key terms you should be using instead, we can help you structure or rewrite content across your site. This can start small, with the focus on just one area. That allows you to see the changes that can happen when you employ SEO keyword research services into your business.

What is a long-tail keyword?

You may have heard about these, they are longer word versions of a higher searched for topic.

For example:

“Nike” – Search Volume Globally – 13 million – Keyword Difficulty Score | 83/100

This is a short tail – or a seed keyword

Now for the long tail

“How much are the Nike Mags?” – Search Volume Globally – 1,500 – Keyword Difficulty Score | 25/100

Now, you may be thinking, why would I want to target something with so much less traffic?

For a start, the long-tail keyword is a buying question, which means if you win that traffic and stock that product, you have a high chance of a sale. Secondly, the first query you would be lucky to rank for, would require huge sums of money to do it and even then you can’t be sure the search is even to buy the shoes.

Personally I never search short tail when I am shopping. Do you?

But how many retailers think that far? Not enough. So for all those sites with an emphasis on the short form, the truth is, they are going home empty handed.

This is a really micro explanation of keyword research and how it can help but it’s a central part of our SEO keyword research services and if it’s not something you’ve done before, it is worth investing the small sum to do it.

SEO Keyword Research Services Price

Our pricing on putting together a keyword planner is actually at the very affordable end of our services and has huge upside even if then handled in house.

Number of TopicsReport containsPricing
Up to 5 CategoriesReplacement Phrases for Key Topic | + 5 Related Content Terms Each Topic£199
Up to 10 CategoriesAs above£329
Up to 20 CategoriesAs Above£499

The real additional win here is that the related content terms mean making silo style content or blog post planning that bit easier. No more guessing as to what to write about.

Where you have the right terms but the wrong content, we will advise the correct on page headers to use instead.

Our goal is to give you a road map you can use either in house or with us to get more out of your website.

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