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Ibiza SEO needn’t be a hard hunt for your business. If you’re based in the Balearics, then you are in luck as we are genuinely local to you. Yes, that’s right, we spend half our time each year in Sant Antoni De Portmany / San Antonio, Ibiza and can usually be found dangling our legs over the marina wall during our lunch breaks. I know a lot of websites try to cover all towns with their SEO, but this team is based off Carrer De Marina. Home of the marina and lovely views 😉

While good Search Engine Optimisation can be done from any part of the world, we know if you are googling ‘SEO Ibiza’, it’s probably because you want to find someone with a local understanding. If you want to get an idea on basic pricing, here’s some information below, or hit the chat button and speak to a human directly. We are more than just a website marketing team but business brains for hire, our Head of Search, Mason, was one of the co-founders of the Skinny Kitchen, so we know what it takes to grow a brand on the White Isle.

Action Plan
Want a DIY Action Plan
299 Monthly
  • UX Advice
  • Page Speed Tips
  • Keyword Research 5+
  • Backlink Opportunities
  • Low Hanging Fruit Targeting
Action Plan +
Includes A Pillar Content Post
399 Monthly
  • As Action Plan
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Strategy Help
  • Research Pillar Content
  • Write and Publish 1000+ Word
Managed Action +
We implement Action Plan +
699 Monthly
  • As Action Plan +
  • We implement the plan
  • Internal Link SEO
  • 3 Pages Optimised
  • Technical SEO Guidance

Ibiza SEO Reviews

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Speak to an SEO Specialist in Ibiza

We’re local to you and we are the faces behind a number of local businesses on the island. You’ll probably have heard of one of them. Let us get behind your business. Local, national, offline or online.

Can SEO help your business in Ibiza?

We have answered this a number of ways across our site, but in a nutshell, SEO can help any business in Ibiza and around the world. Whether it’s for e-commerce, using Shopify, or you’ve just opened a restaurant in San Antonio and want the world to know you do the best healthy food, then Ibiza SEO services can really help. In fact, sometimes just knowing what people search for, as opposed to you guessing it, can mean have a greater understanding of what products to stock and what to name them on your site. So whether you came here because you typed SEO Ibiza, or you found us through luck, there is a strong chance that you can do better and we can show you how. 

For many businesses in Ibiza, SEO is more about Local SEO, this is where your found in the map results, or any of the ever growing local business aggregate sites. Often these sites all have their own unique algorithms that favour one or more activity to be found. Our job is not just to show you what they are, but if you let us, implement the changes for you too.

Our view on the cookie cutter Ibiza SEO approach

Frankly, cookie cutter approaches don’t work. That’s our view on them. Every business is different and every need is unique. Some businesses need time spent on technical SEO help (that’s the work under the bonnet of the site), others need to improve the depth, quality and relevance of their written content. 

We can only give a broad outline therefore what we would do before we get started, BUT we record everything we do in a shared ‘diary/changelog’. This means you simply need to open the file and you can see what we have been up to. We keep this record for another reason too, when we are gone and you no longer need us, you may wish you had access to some of those changes we once made, where we made them and why – you’ve paid us to make your business better, it’s important then that you have those records.

Happy to send samples of work or for hands on management project enquiries, run through a quick video audit highlighting some immediately obvious issues. 

Our Ibiza SEO Team did this for a Shopify store in 6 months

Sometimes, just a few days of work, a little keyword research and some url reorganising can lead to significant changes in a week or two. We began working on a store in October 2020 helping them establish an online presence. At the time, their traffic was around 40-60 clicks a day and being in a restricted advertising space, it meant they couldn’t use paid ads even if they wanted to. 

Their physical shop was closed due to lockdowns so they needed online sales and relevant traffic. This is what we did with a focus on tidying up their technical site hierarchy, improving page speed, adding better, deeper written content and improving page experience for shoppers.

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As the chart from Google Search Console shows, we grew their site from 24 clicks and 1800 impressions a day in early October, to magnitudes higher in under a year. The result against a monthly fee of 1000 Euros in this case, was 15000 clicks a month. That means a cost of less than 7.5 cents a click for the months worked and where the task is now complete, that’s traffic they no longer pay SEO management for. It’s what they invested in and it’s why longer term Ibiza SEO investment is always going to be stronger than paid ads for ROI.

In addition to the traffic, we also helped them raise their customer order value, generated monthly email campaigns that yielded sales in the hundreds and increased their conversion rates too. All in all, this Ibiza SEO team are immensely proud of this work and will gladly provide you the reference on request.

What is your SEO pricing?

As mentioned, we offer a really flexible approach for our Ibiza SEO clients. We offer a free video audit first on some actionable areas and steps you can take to improve your site. We don’t promise to answer all your prayers with this, you will simply get the feel of us and how we may be very different to anything or anyone you have ever used.

For ongoing consultancy by the hour we charge  50 per hour. This gives you access to an SEO specialist and marketing/business generalist with a background in growing his own online and offline retail businesses. This means you get more than an SEO outlook, but one that understands user experience, broader marketing, brand voice and merchandising. This can be booked for as simple as saying – “I want 10 hours of your time a month” or I want something a bit more involved.

After-all, there’s no point in having traffic if when they land on your site there is nothing worth buying. We focus on the wider picture.

Best of all – we are not just consultants of SEO Ibiza based, we are implementation led too. We can do the work and will share with you what has been done, why it’s been done and how to carry it on yourself. Good Ibiza SEO to us, is one where your business gets smarter too.

Having been in your shoes many years ago, I would get these lovely, expensive audits and still not have the changes done as part of it. That’s not our style in the Deathground SEO Office.

This is just a fraction of the work we can offer if you have searched SEO Ibiza. 

Does SEO all seem too complex?

We don’t want to bog you down with a load of options. You only know what you know. And if you don’t know what these terms mean, then let’s do you a free initial audit. Talk about what those things mean and we can work with you on a range of options that suit your budget.

I’m not sure how much I need to spend on SEO in Ibiza each month

Only want to invest  500 a month for your Ibiza SEO needs? No problem.

Want to get the end result sooner and invest more now? We can work with that too.

If you want to find out more how we can help, click the chat box or hit the buttons on page to get in touch.

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