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When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive to victory.

Sun Tzu

Who is the Deathground Marketing Agency?

“We aren’t just another marketing agency, we are full-time business owners for hire. There is nothing we advise that we can’t prove we have tried in our own SMEs.

Having a solid background in both offline retail (bricks and mortar) and online with e-commerce, we have a broad range of skills. More importantly, we have made many of the mistakes that you are yet to. That means we can get your business on the right track with our years of experience from day 1. 

If you don’t know the questions to ask, then you don’t know the resources to arm yourself with.

From how you should structure your website from the outset, to the words you should use and not REuse on other pages, to how to quickly add hundreds of products using code. Tasks we didn’t even know about in the early days. Imagine having that information now? 

With the Deathground Marketing Agency, you’re teaming up with a business agency that knows growth marketing strategy, not a marketing agency that knows business strategy. After all, who knows your business strategy better than you?

Need Help With SEO?

For when you need help with content marketing or simply a pair of eyes to give you the SEO advice template to follow

We think of ourselves as an SME business growth marketing agency. As business owners who know marketing, you are benefitting from generalists who know what works and what doesn’t. 

We know your pain points and what matters to you. This means you can trust our common-sense.

While working with you on how to improve your local search listing, or your SEO we will discover ways our experience can apply to your local offline initiatives too. From data collection offline, to understanding how to personalise your sms or email marketing campaigns. And if you aren’t doing them yet, we will show you how.

We have opened our own stores, our own cafes, we know how to make your money go further. We have had and still have skin in the game and that means you are getting experienced start-up mentors on your smartphone.

As you can imagine, that’s a lot more value than a simple SEO audit. Best still, it probably costs the same too.

Deathground is a start-up to scale-up strategy led marketing agency. That means we believe your visit here might be reactive, but we will work pro-active too. Some marketing hacks will be for the now, but others will pay off in the longer term. It’s important to tell our clients about both. 

Marketing is a broad term, but our work starts from developing a strategy that includes a large area of routes you can take. Which will be different for any SME marketing advice appraisal.

We don’t want to churn out reams of advice that gets lost in the noise, so we start at the top and we identify the lowest hanging fruit. The areas you have the know-how for and the ones we can complement. 

We do this initial consultation exercise for free so you can get  a flavour of how we can help. While this free exercise won’t be the most exhaustive SME marketing advice report, it will certainly show you what we can help with. In a nutshell, it will look like a family tree, with success at the top, and each route coming off it.

Our local marketing and our national efforts include:

  • Print Media
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Street PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Pop-up Events
  • Referral Marketing
  • Email Automation Campaigns
  • SEO Backlink Outreach
  • Affiliate Campaigns
  • And plain old flyering 

We like to do things a little different in our local marketing efforts. We recently bought our own Ad van and we have even dished out Vape branded lighters in a smoking area – after all, a lighter is never lost. It just finds a new owner.

In short, we can help you get your new website planned, designed, indexed, ranked, and optimised for higher conversion rates and more sales. 

Or we can help you design your initial shop fit for your new bricks and mortar retail business.

If aesthetics, message and customer experience is involved, that’s our sweet spot.

We have businesses all over the UK and while we may not always be local to you, it doesn’t mean we can’t help your local marketing efforts.


A value first marketing agency to us, means we understand the importance of showing value in order to win longer term.

It’s why we will spend time with you in the first instance talking through your growth marketing audit. But we also encourage our clients to see the value in that approach too. 

Too often we have people do our social media management for us that is handled by someone with no concept of consumer psychology. 

How can we make this easier to understand?

If you are paying someone to post pictures of your products or salesy messages every day, just so you feel like you’re ‘Doing Social Media’, please stop now, and get in touch with us.

No-one is going to engage with you on your 19th picture this month of a salad. While we are on the topic of value first, you can see our authority with our Trustpilot reviews here

I started a chain of retail shops in 2014. Well it wasn’t meant to be a chain. I stocked a range of products from a small store in Southend, Essex. This one store, ended up doing quite well.

My entry level product was what we call a fast moving consumer good. That means it gets bought by the customer frequently, like bread or milk.

In the early days I sold someone else’s products, not my own. This meant as the business grew and I wanted to make that line of products own brand. This would mean larger margins, better brand awareness of the business and exclusivity. It would mean if someone wanted that product, thy would have to  buy it from me.

What I didn’t realise, is that shoppers are creatures of habit and most don’t like change.

Certainly not my own target customers. 

This meant as the business grew I still had a large group of customers 6-7 years later who still insist on that same original product. That worked out at tens of thousands of pounds of lost profit. Probably lost customers too, where they find the item elsewhere.

So, if you’re starting out, think ahead. If you can’t start with your own brand as the bread and butter product – play a few companies off against each other to see who will let you re-label their product. So if you do end up manufacturing your own one day, you won’t kick yourself like I do.

There you go. A free tip for any starting out in retail.

As we say, we are business owners for hire, not just marketers. If you want a retail consultancy audit on your bricks and mortar store business. Head over to our retail section.

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